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United Corporate Preferred

Terms & Conditions

The United Corporate Preferred program rewards corporate travelers with special treatment when traveling on a ticket purchase through their company’s qualifying corporate sales agreement with United.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for any benefit under this program, the corporate traveler must be traveling on company business with a ticket bearing a corporate tour code associated with a corporate sales agreement with United, effective at the time of ticketing and travel.

Qualifying corporate sales agreements include Master Corporate Travel Agreements led by United, United PassPlus, and United Meetings.

Travel on award tickets does not qualify for this program. Leisure travel (non-tour coded) is not eligible for program benefits.

United Corporate Preferred benefits are only available on flights operated by United and United Express booked on UA/016 ticket stock.

Corporate travelers are categorized into three program levels that deliver a differing range of program benefits or exclude certain benefits. There are three levels: United Corporate Preferred, United Corporate Preferred Plus and United Corporate Preferred Elite. Levels are solely determined by United based on the company’s performance under the corporate sales agreement, including its revenue contribution and share premium, among other factors. Program methodology is confidential and subject to change at any time without notice, at United’s discretion.

If a corporate traveler is eligible to receive higher benefits by virtue of ticket class or United MileagePlus Premier status, those benefits will either enhance or take precedence over United Corporate Preferred benefits.

Eligibility to United Corporate Preferred is subject to change and cancellation, at any time, without notice, and at United’s discretion.

Our Program

For a list of United Corporate Preferred benefits available to eligible corporate travelers, visit unitedcorporatepreferred.com.

Additional Terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions set forth above, the following terms and conditions also apply to the United Corporate Preferred program:

  • United Corporate Preferred is a non-contractual value benefit available to select eligible corporate accounts.
  • The participation of any corporate account in United Corporate Preferred is solely at the discretion of United.
  • United reserves the right to change any of the rules, benefits, qualification requirements and terms and conditions of the program at any time and without notice. United's interpretation of this program and its provisions shall be definitive and final.
  • United reserves the right to terminate the United Corporate Preferred program for any reason or for no reason at any time upon notice.
  • All MileagePlus program rules apply to MileagePlus program membership, miles, offers, mile redemption, and travel benefits.